feeding and care of horses

Frequently Asked Questions

I found foreign bodies in my horse feed. Who do I have to contact for reclamation?

Foreign bodies definetly do not belong into our horse feed. To check this, we need the following informations: a sample of the product, the foreign body, name of the dealer, date of purchase, best-before date and the production number (printed at the side of the bag).

Please send this to:

Pavo UK
Jonathan Sage
The Hawk
Hawk Lane
CO16 9AF

How should I store horse feed?

Horse feed should be stored cool, dry and dark. Close the bag everytime after use.

Free samples of Pavo products

To try a new feed for your horse, it is possible to get free samples of some of our products. Do not hesitate and ask the dealer next to your place.

The following products are available as samples:

Pavo Nature´s Best (400 g)
Pavo Care4Life (400 g)
Pavo SportsFit (400 g)
Pavo TripleP (400 g)
Pavo SlobberMash (400 g)