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How do you make grass from hay?

How do you make grass from hay? Research is the way to go forward. That is what Rob Krabbenborg, a nutritionist at Pavo strongly believes. The company is constantly investing in research and based on their findings,...
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The Podo®Concept

The development of a good bone-structure is a continuous process, which plays an important role in feeding during the last 3 months of gestation and until the age of 3 of the young horse. The Pavo Podo® Concept...
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Muesli for horses: the pros and cons

Muesli for horses, are there truly any benefits? What distinguishes muesli from pellets? Is it possible to find sugar-free muesli? Many people only dare to give a handful of muesli because of fear for overweight....
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Pregnant mare: nutrition and labor

For every breeder, spring is an exciting, but also anxious time. In the run-up to the birth, it is a good thing to think about the feeding requirements of the mare before and after foaling, when she is lactating...
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