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Pavo sports feeds: no compromise!


Merel Blom with Rumour has it in Caen 2014
This has definitely contributed to the successes,” says eventing...
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Proteins are necessary for muscles
Did you know that a sport horse needs about 1000-1200 grams proteins a...
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Roughage analysis is a must
Roughage contains less and less energy and protein. This is shown by the...
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Proteins up close
Of all the components of your horse’s diet, protein is probably the...
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We are proud to present Pavo TopSport. Based on sound science, developed with the best horse vets in the Netherlands and tested by top sport riders. Pavo TopSport is de muesli topping for horses that perform on a high level.

  • 20% protein & 18% oil
  • to support development and care of muscles
  • for a horse that shines like a million dollars and has plenty of power

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